Buddhism Discussion Group starting up

If you are interested in exploring Buddhist topics with a newly forming group led by someone who has studied Tibetan Buddhism for 25 years, now is your chance!

Beginning on Monday, August 18th, Monica Ward will be offering a Buddhism discussion group on the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month. The meetings will be from 6 pm to 6:55 pm in Room 101/103 (before Monday Meditation begins at 7 pm). As Monica states:

“The intention for this study group is for a coming together of individuals who want to explore Buddhist topics and learn from one another through readings, videos and discussions. Brief experiential practices such as chanting, guided imagery, music, etc. may also be shared with one another. The topics, materials and practices will be decided upon by group consensus. Participants are free to drop in at any time and should not feel the need to prepare or have read ahead of time. Everyone is welcome to bring materials to share or ideas and questions to explore.”

If you think this sounds interesting, please join us on Monday the 18th at 6 pm for the very first meeting. Contact Monica at: strongflower13@yahoo.com for more information.

This free discussion group is sponsored by the Adult Religious Exploration Council.

One thought on “Buddhism Discussion Group starting up

  1. Janice Schuster

    Yay! We’re off to a great start with 19 enthusiastic participants for the 1st meeting. We look forward to continuing our discussion on September 1st (Labor Day). You are welcome to jump in any time – there’s no homework 🙂

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