From the Board President: September

Last Sunday, I was honored to be allowed to conduct the worship service. I had a lot of help--Sharon McKnight did amazing music, Eric Thiel provided invaluable technical support, Dan Lybrook made me sound good, and Bill Welge was my "wing man". The title of the sermon was "Kittens and Puppies," and I spoke about the way kittens and puppies not only seem to catch our eye, but how perfectly they are used in advertising. Our youth, during the Time for All Ages, completely illustrated my premise--they knew the names and fact about the baby animals that were shown to them, but struggled to know even one thing about the people behind the photos (and for the record, I don't think Barny Dunning was named after Barney, the big purple dinosaur!).

If it helps you; if it helps you to get to know all about the rest of us in this congregation, think of us as kittens and puppies. In this shelter, this church building, we are the ones who need your support. We need each other for nourishment--both physically and spiritually. We need each other to do good works in the community. We need each other to not only dream big dreams, but to make those dreams come true.

If we carry the "kittens and puppies" analogy further, I encourage us to "adopt" one another. Why? Well, because (and this is how I closed my sermon): "But here’s the thing. We’re it. The only UU church for miles around. And, this church is here because of you. It is here because you have committed your time, talent, and money toward its existence. This church is here because you want it to be here; you BELIEVE it’s important to have this Unitarian Universalist Church in this community. We are here because we believe in this church, in its mission; we come through these doors, we commit ourselves to the Covenant every Sunday, because we believe it. If we didn’t believe it was important, the Unitarian Universalist Church on Meridian Street would be gone. Look around you. There is no other place, anywhere, where you will see us all gathered together. There is no other place, anywhere, where you can enjoy the things you enjoy here. Because you contribute, you pledge, our church exists. We don’t get funding from anywhere else but here. And our hopes, our dreams for our church depend upon you, and your hopes and dreams. Just as your hopes and dreams for the church depend upon the rest of us. We’re all taking a leap of faith together, and as I look around this room, the future is bright.

So thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being here together."  Amen.

Best wishes,

Gale Charlotte
President, Board of Trustees

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  1. Linda LeMar

    Well said Gail! Thank you for all your contributions to our UU community. You help bring us all together with your words,deeds and good ideas. I love the way you always strive for excellence while weaving together your Sunday service.

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