Lighted Chalice Weekly for November 2, 2014

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church, Tippecanoe County

  • Sunday Forum 9 am; Sunday Service and Religious Exploration Classes 10:30 am.
  • Nursery and childcare available.
  • A pdf of the newsletter is available here to download and read or print.  The newsletter in pdf also has additional calendar information on p. 2.
  • The monthly newsletter will be distributed (online and in print) on Monday.  Welcome and thank you to our new Lighted Chalice Newsletter Team:  Beverly Cox, Cindy Gerlach, Lynn Holland,  Lola Straub, and Jody Tishmack!

Sunday, November 2 - note time change! Fall back one hour!

  • FORUM, 9 AM Martha J. Gipson, presents Empowering Students Through Autobiographical Writing. Martha originally taught in the Pacific Northwest Waldorf Schools, and now is a middle school English teacher in Frankfort, Indiana. There she works with many Latino students and families who are struggling to gain appropriate immigration status. To further assist these students and parents, Martha is working to gain Spanish language skills, start a multi- cultural marimba group, and earn a Master's at Purdue in Literacy and Language Education. Martha has been a member of UUC since 1998. Forum is co-chaired by Jim Anderson, Tom McConville and Bill Welge.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Worship Leader Rev. Daniel Charles Davis presents Guest at Your Table. The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is our movement's arm of justice and compassion. By placing a box at your table during the Thanksgiving season and putting in your spare change you help people around the world. Worship Associate: Dianna Poindexter. Sound: Mike Marsh. Pulpit Preparation: Robin Poindexter. Fellowship Team Leader: Beth Misner & Barny Dunning.

Sunday November 9

  • FORUM, 9 AM Kendall Smith, Michael Crowthers and Tom Adler discuss live documentation of artists and scholars whose works are in the Permanent Collection of The Greater Lafayette Art Museum. Kendall Smith is The Anne Horwedel Executive Director of The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette; Michael Crowthers is the Museum Curator; Professor Tom Adler is the interviewer of the artists and scholars.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Rev. Daniel Charles Davis presents Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s presence in Unitarian Universalism is still felt today. His philosophy of nature and self-reliance shapes who we are. Worship Associate: Kris Taylor. Sound: Mary Finley. Fellowship Team: Julia Colby. Pulpit Preparation: Nina Kirkpatrick.

Annual Stewardship Drive

The theme for this year is “65 Year Anniversary: Re-membering.” Our goal is for 100% of members and friends to "re-member," that is, renew their commitment to our church. Pledge cards are available after Forum and before and after service. Before filling out your card, please take time to reflect on your commitment to the church and the role the church plays in your life.

Stewardship Event Dates

  • November 2, Stewardship Wrap-Up
  • Pledge cards available after forum and before and after service October 26; raffle for those who turn in their cards on those dates.

Child and youth religious exploration

Last Sunday, we focused on the first source, transcending mystery, as we shared in the beauty of the autumn season. During “Time for All Ages,” Charlie and Gail passed out different types of leaves so the students could categorize them based on the characteristics and colors. Back in the classrooms, students created leaf art, went on outdoor leaf hunts, and discussed how all of nature is connected. The older students began brainstorming ways they can help in the upcoming “Giving Tree” fundraiser and discussed possible workshops that they would like to teach the younger students starting in January. We also had a fire drill. Luckily, the beautiful weather we’re having gave everybody a chance to marvel at the autumnal beauty during the drill.

Halloween party nibbles

Halloween party nibbles

The Halloween party was a spectacularly spooky time. There were games, snacks, and crafts, and the 6th-8th graders created an amazing haunted house. Charlie and I awarded prizes in the costume contest such as most delicious costume for the ice cream cone with a cherry on top. ☺ There were witches, pirates, and princesses galore and it was a beautiful night to have some costumed fun on the playground. Thanks to everyone for making the party possible and a special thanks to Linda Prokopy for organizing the event!

Next Sunday Nov 2, we’ll learn about the importance of food sustainability as we kick off “Guest at Your Table.”

Connecting Resources

  • How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by, Marjorie Priceman
  • How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the USA by, Marjorie Priceman
  • The Truth and Myths About Thanksgiving by, L.A. Peacock
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Things to Make and Do by, Judith Conaway
  • Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by, Margaret Sutherland

Connecting Questions

  • How can we show gratitude in our daily lives?
  • What is one thing in nature that you are thankful for?
  • What are your Thanksgiving holiday traditions?
  • How can we promote food sustainability?

Making connections at home

  • Remember to discuss and cut out the conversation starter questions inside the “guest at your table” boxes and use them to collect spare change. All boxes are due by Sunday, November 23rd.
  • Make a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting two holidays or Thanksgiving past vs. present.
  • Make a graph of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. My favorite is to make a favorite pie pie chart. ☺
  • Brainstorm a list of all the things you’re thankful for. Remember to discuss and think about the things that you may take for granted. See how long you can make your list.
  • Read about the history of Thanksgiving.
  • Think about ways you can give back this holiday season. Come up with community service ideas and act on them.
  • Complete the “disguise the turkey” project. See Nicole if you need a copy of the project.


  •  Make sure you have turned in the community survey (both students and adults) so that I can use it in planning events.
  • I am working on a website for RE ( It is still in the developmental stage, so feel free to check it out and give me feedback.
  • Please see me on Sunday for a Giving Tree handout. It is an exciting fundraiser that the RE will be taking part in for the Christmas Jubilee.
  • Feel free to e-mail me with any comments, questions, or suggestions at

Upcoming Events

  • November 7-9 (Spirituality Development Training) in Fort Wayne
  • November 23- December 9 (Giving Tree collection)
  • November 23 (RE Giving Tree fundraiser)
  • November 30 (youth led Spirit Circle for Chalica)
  • December 5-6 (UU Holiday Art Fair)
  • December 7 (interested 5th-8th grade students/families meet in the UU cafeteria at 12:30) giving tree shopping field trip
  • December 13 (Christmas Jubilee)
  • December 21 (holiday program)

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