Lighted Chalice Weekly for November 9, 2014

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church, Tippecanoe County

  • Sunday Forum 9 am; Sunday Service and Religious Exploration Classes 10:30 am.
  • Nursery and childcare available.
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Sunday, November 9

  • FORUM, 9 AM Kendall Smith, Michael Crowthers and Tom Adler discuss live documentation of artists and scholars whose works are in the Permanent Collection of The Greater Lafayette Art Museum. Kendall Smith is The Anne Horwedel Executive Director of The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette; Michael Crowthers is the Museum Curator; Professor Tom Adler is the interviewer of the artists and scholars.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Rev. Daniel Charles Davis presents Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s presence in Unitarian Universalism is still felt today. His philosophy of nature and self-reliance shapes who we are. Worship Associate: Kris Taylor. Sound: Mary Finley. Fellowship Team: Julia Colby. Pulpit Preparation: Nina Kirkpatrick.

Sunday November 16

  •  FORUM 9 am.  Sunday Forum will show the first 30 minutes of the PBS video "The Trouble with Antibiotics."  Jody Tishmack will lead the 30 minute discussion following.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM.   No information yet.

October Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee has been noticing some troubling trends that we wanted to highlight. Pledge payments are down from the same time last year (start of October) despite an increase in pledges. We’ve kept expenditures down as well, but that is mostly through vacancies in both the pianist/choir director position and the DRE position. We have now hired a new DRE, so the expenses will start to rise.

These numbers are from the end of September.

Pledge payments
2013 161,880
2014 152,280

Total revenues
2013 195,879
2014 186,576

Total expenditures
2103 200,397
2014 192,538

Thank you for your support of this church. We value your contributions.

On behalf of the finance committee, submitted by Amy French.

Child and youth religious exploration

Last Sunday, we kicked off the “Guest at Your Table” collection by passing out the boxes during “Time for All Ages. “ This year, the students were able to personalize the boxes by decorating them during RE classes. Sharon McKnight did her traditional, “Calling All the Children Home” song, which incorporated the students’ names into the lyrics. All collection boxes are due Sunday, November 23rd. In RE classes, students heard “Guest at Your Table” stories of people making a difference in their communities through their work in promoting food sustainability.

This Sunday, we’ll learn about the famous UU, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and explore how love and time can be important gifts.

Connecting Resources

Connecting Questions

  • What are some ways that you can give love and time as a gift?
  • Why is giving love and time more valuable than giving monetary gifts?
  • What are some community needs that can be served through giving love and time as gifts?

Making connections at home or lesson ideas

  • Brainstorm a list of ways that you can give time and love as a gift.
  • Community service- Help out a family member or neighbor by raking leaves, baking cookies, or just talking with them. Volunteer at a local dog shelter and walk dogs. Write a letter or call someone and remind them that they are valued.
  • Make a quilt square to display one way you can give time or love as a gift. Join the squares together to make a special quilt to display. You may use paper squares to make a paper quilt.
  • Make a mural displaying ways you can help spread love throughout your community.
  • Make up a skit about ways you can show love in your community.
  • Read the Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes and discuss. Can you find themes of giving love throughout the quotes? What are some examples you found? Choose your favorite quote, put it in your own words, and illustrate it.
  • Research Ralph Waldo Emerson. Make a poster or mini book about him.
  • Read the poem “We Thank Thee,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson and complete one of the extension activities.


  • We are in need of RE guides, subs, workshop teachers, and other volunteers. Please let me know if you are interested. There is a sign up sheet in the fellowship hall.
  • We are in need of help at the Giving Tree fundraiser and drivers for the shopping field trip. Please let me know if you’re interested or would like more information.
  • I am updating the website for RE. Check it out and give me your feedback.
  • The OWL program will be starting up in January for 7th-9th grade. Please let me know if you’d like more information.
  • I am collecting winter holiday tradition stories for the holiday program on December 21st. Please submit your stories to Nicole Rice at
  • Feel free to e-mail me with any comments, questions, or suggestions at

Upcoming Events

  • November 23- (“Guest at Your Table” boxes due)
  • November 23- December 9 (Giving Tree collection)
  • November 23 (RE Giving Tree fundraiser)
  • November 30 (youth led Spirit Circle for Chalica)
  • December 5-6 (UU Holiday Art Fair)
  • December 7 (interested 5th-8th grade students/families meet in the UU cafeteria at 12:30) giving tree shopping field trip
  • December 13 (Christmas Jubilee)
  • December 21 (holiday program)

-- DRE Nicole Rice

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