The Lighted Chalice for December 2014


Sunday Service & Religious Exploration Classes begin at 10:30 a.m.
Nursery and childcare available

Sunday, DECEMBER 7: “Bodhi Day”

Worship Leader: Rev. Charlie Davis
Worship Associate: Dianna Poindexter
Pianist: Sarah May
Sound: Noemi Ybarra
Fellowship Team: Andrea & Gary Burniske
Pulpit Preparation: Robin Poindexter
Sharing of Joys & Concerns

This day celebrates the enlightenment of the Buddha. It is part of this season of light. Amid the hustle and bustle of a greedy world craving for consumer goods, how can we find enlightenment within?

Sunday, DECEMBER 14: “Rights & Responsibilities”

Worship Leader: Rev. Charlie Davis
Pianist: Sarah May
Worship Associate: Dorothy Hughes
Sound: Mike Marsh
Fellowship Team: Alice Pawley & Steve Hoffmann
Pulpit Preparation: Nina Kirkpatrick

Thomas Paine’s “The Rights of Man” was one of the great treatises of the age of enlightenment. It led to the passage of the U.S. Bill of Rights on Dec. 15, 1791. But rights come with responsibility. Having the right to vote gives one the responsibility to vote. The right to be a part of a church community gives one the responsibility to participate.

Congregational Meeting follows.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19: 6 p.m., Solstice Celebration

2014 winter solsticeCome walk the spiral of the evergreens. Light a candle to brighten the darkest night.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21: Children’s Pageant: “Holidays A-Z”

Worship Leader: Rev. Charlie Davis
Worship Associate: Nicole Rice
Pianist: Sarah May
Sound: Gary Fowler
Fellowship Team: Julia Colby
Pulpit Preparation: Nina Kirkpatrick

This season’s children’s program celebrates various traditions celebrated by various people in the congregation. This is an all-ages service.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24: Christmas Candlelight Service 6 p.m.

Worship Leader: Rev. Charlie Davis
Pianist: Sarah May
Sound: Dan Lybrook
Pulpit Preparation: Nina Kirkpatrick

Featuring music from a variety of UU church members.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28: Lay-led Service

Worship Associate: Michael Lewis
Pianist: Sarah May
Sound: Gary Mueller
Fellowship Team: TBA
Pulpit Preparation: Nina Kirkpatrick

Sunday Forum

Sunday Morning Forum meets at 9 am in Room 101/103. Everyone is welcome! Childcare is provided. Co-chairs: Jim Anderson, Tom McConville, Bill Welge

December 7: Sadie Harper-Scott, District President of the NAACP

December 14: Chris Campbell: “Audiology”

December 21: Margy Deverall: “Small Spaces”

December 28: TBA

Minister's Musings

“Love is metaphysical gravity.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

After seeing the movie Interstellar, I remembered this quote by R. Buckminster Fuller. He was a Unitarian Universalist most famous for inventing the Geodesic Dome. More than an architect and engineer, he was a philosopher. The movie was about saving humanity; it involved space travel. The relativity of time. The conflict between survival of the individual and survival of the species.

In the movie, love and gravity were forces that can transcend a black hole. Both have to do with the laws of attraction. Both are mysterious and hard to explain.

In his 1981 writing Critical Path, Fuller tries to explain:

Gravity is unit and undifferentiable
Gravity is comprehensive
inclusively embracing and permeative
is non-focusable and shadowless,
and is omni-integrative
all of which characteristics of gravity
are also the characteristics of love.
Love is metaphysical gravity.

In this holiday season, what draws us to one another? What motivates the rich to give to the poor? What motivates us to reconnect with friends and family?

Why did wise men seek wisdom from a star? What called the shepherds from their fields?

We might not know the ultimate truth or ever know the reasons why. We are in a mysterious orbit. We tug at one another’s heartstrings. Poetry only approximates the reality we know. That reality is love. Love one another during this season and every season that follows.

With Gratitude and Hope,

Rev. Charlie

From the Board President

Occasionally on a Sunday morning, our congregation sings these words:

“From you I receive, to you I give, together we share, and from this we live.”

When sung as a round, the words weave together, and the melody grows complex. It’s beautiful.

As the year winds down, we enter the “Giving Season.” I don’t know if our church specifically planned to have our annual pledge drive at this time of year, but it does make sense. At a time when a LOT of gifts are exchanged, our church asks you for a gift, in the form of a pledge. And all of us, pledging to the church, give to each other. We give each other so much.

We give each other a space to meet, to congregate, with others who share a covenant “to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.” On potluck Sundays, we give physical nourishment to one another.

We agreed to call a minister; combining our resources, we received Rev. Charlie and his family into our midst, and they, in turn, have given us so much. All of our lives have been enriched.

We share music with one another; we share our joys and concerns. If one of us is struggling in some way, sometimes it is just the gift of our presence that provides a lift on a Sunday morning.

We share our time and talents with our children and youth, and we provide monetary support to our DRE and the Religious Exploration program. Our gifts in this area are investments in our future.

We give to various causes in the area of social justice. These gifts make our community, and our world, a better place to live.

We give our time to each other, and to our church. We volunteer for the Art Fair, the service auction, the plant sale, and for various committees. We put on concerts, rake leaves, plant gardens, wash dishes. We do all of this because we believe in our church; we believe it must exist, and believe it fills a vital role in our community.

Thank you all for your gifts to our church. If you have not made a pledge to our church, I urge you to do it today. If you have made a pledge, but feel you can give a bit more, please do so today. If you are interested in planned giving but don’t know how to do that, contact Amy French, chair of the Endowment Board.

We are all responsible for the future of our church; we depend on each other.

You give a gift, I give a gift, we share a gift, our gift is shared.

We are blessed.

Gale Charlotte, Board President

Religious Exploration

Director of Religious Exploration Nicole Rice,

Looking Back

November was a busy month for the RE program. We learned about the values of love and diversity through studying the lives and works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Harriet Tubman. We collected change for the “Guest at Your Table” project and raised money to purchase gifts for LUM Jubilee Christmas.

Looking Forward

December will be a time for making connections with others through exploring holiday traditions around the world.

Class Information and Guide Schedule

  • Dec. 7: All RE classes will begin in classrooms for holiday program rehearsal. Guides: Beth M., Lola S., Yiesul S., Neil S-T., Susannah H-J., Andrea B., Jason R., Julie R., Rae S.
  • Dec. 14: All RE classes will begin in classrooms for holiday program rehearsal. Guides: Beth M., Sarah C., Yiesul S., Wendy S-T., Neil S-T., Susannah H-J., Amy F., Julie R., Kim S.
  • Dec. 21: All RE classes will meet in sanctuary for the holiday program.
  • Dec. 28: There will be no RE classes. Meet in sanctuary.

Upcoming Events

  • Dec. 5-6 UU Holiday Art Fair
  • Dec. 7   Giving Tree shopping field trip; interested fifth-eighth grade students/families meet in the fellowship hall at 12:30 p.m.
  • Dec. 13 Jubilee Christmas
  • Dec. 21 Holiday program

Important Reminders

  • We are in need of RE guides, subs, workshop teachers, and other volunteers. Please let me know if you are interested. There is a sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall.
  • We are in need of help at the Giving Tree fundraiser and drivers for the shopping field trip. Please let me know if you’re interested or would like more information.
  • I am updating the website for RE. Check it out and give me your feedback.
  • Materials needed: popcorn (plain and unpopped), hot chocolate packets, suckers, wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, graham crackers, tubes of icing, peanut butter, baked goods, small prizes, plastic spoons/knives, glitter pens, candy canes, assorted candy
  • We are collecting donations of gifts ($30 suggested value) and stocking stuffers ($5 suggested value) for LUM Jubilee Christmas.

December Nursery Schedule

  • 7            Sylvia Mueller
  • 14         Alyssa Dufair
  • 21         Ben Lincourt
  • 28         Victoria Lincourt

Children’s Pizza Garden: a success

photo 23photo 12Many of you have noticed the Children’s Pizza Garden that appeared this summer on the southeast side of our church. And many of us were lucky enough to be in the fellowship hall on several occasions when the children served up delicious hand-made rhubarb-strawberry crisp, pesto and pizza.

The idea for the Children’s Garden as part of our kid’s summer RE program was proposed by Amy French to the program council. Reverend Charlie liked the idea because it would easily accommodate the fluctuating number of children we get in the summer. Rae Schnapp, as chair of the Grounds Committee said she would help make it happen. Tom McConville spent hours with a spade and with the rotor tiller borrowed from the Thiels, with intermittent help from Susan Wilson's family and others preparing the site.

The idea was for the children to learn about where our food comes from by planting a garden near the church and cooking something with food from the garden. They planted heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers in the Pizza Garden, as well as onions and basil left over from our spring plant sale.   They planted sweet potatoes as ground cover/living mulch. In early summer they harvested rhubarb and strawberries from other plantings around the church. There was a bumper crop of tomatoes.   The garden not only provided food for the children to cook with it was also shared by others in the neighborhood that helped themselves!

DSC_0567 DSC_0157The Pizza Garden was only part of our children’s exploration of gardening and food. Sheila and interim DRE Michelle Murphy Miller helped implement the educational aspects of the garden program. They took lots of pictures and Michelle had kids produce very cute garden journals!

Kids took photos of the garden at different stages. They dissected flowers and learned about plant reproduction and beneficial insects as well. They made signs and journals and garden ornaments that are still hanging from the redbud tree in the playground. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this garden a success.

November Financial Report

Church finances continue on track this year. While revenues are still not quite as high as last year (mostly due to lower pledge income), expenditures are being tightly controlled (helped by position vacancies this year).


-- Amy French, Finance Committee

December Congregational Meeting

The next congregational meeting will be held on Sunday, Dec. 14 at 11:45 a.m. We do need a quorum of members for this meeting, so please plan to attend. We will be voting on our church budget for 2015.If you have any questions, please contact Gale Charlotte, UU Board President at

Membership Committee Kudos

As chair of the Membership Committee, I’m taking this season of counting our blessings to tell you about the hard work being done by people serving with the committee this year.

Special thanks to Sherry Tripodi, who made this year easier by lending her expertise about the committee with me. Before taking on the Stewardship chair responsibilities, she recruited a very capable organizer, Christine Schertz, to take over the coordination of fellowship teams.

Linda Prokopy, also a recent past Membership Committee leader, continues to share her creative ideas. She organizes the monthly “Talk and Tour.” Linda welcomes other church members to follow a tour on the second Sunday of the month and volunteer to lead one when needed.

Rosemary Leary continues to photograph people and events for the annual church directory. She prints, compiles, and binds each directory. She also prints and folds church brochures as needed and willingly volunteers for countless other tasks.

Della Willmann organizes the visitor sign-in procedure, making sure that visitor information is given to office administrator Karin Bergman for entry into the database. Della has sent hand-written, personalized notes to visitors for a number of years. She also sends e-mail notes when appropriate.

Alice Pawley enters visitor information into the listserve so visitors receive electronic newsletters and e-mail communications. Joan Zinn stuffs the “Welcome Visitor” envelopes, keeping a supply of prepared envelopes available for Sunday greeters.

Nancy Patchen creates the easy-to-read name tags for members and regular visitors, adding the yellow ribbon after new members sign the member book.

Josh Prokopy collects member biographies, which are printed in the Lighted Chalice and displayed on the membership bulletin board. The biographies are then archived in a notebook in the library, available for all to read.

Dorothy Hughes shares her expertise and creative skills for special projects and is a liaison with the Board of Trustees.

Our newest regular meeting attendee, Lola Straub, brings a fresh perspective to the committee with her ability to “think outside the box.” We look forward to her suggestions on various issues.

I am so grateful to all those who work with the committee, some who regularly contribute their wisdom and ideas, and for those who are unable to attend meetings but contribute in unique ways.

And to all of you who serve the church as members of fellowship teams, thank you for helping make Sundays special for everyone.

-- Sallie Cooke, Membership Committee

From the Social Justice Committee: Support the Health Hut

The Health Hut provides toiletries and laundry detergent to low-income families and homeless in Tippecanoe County. The Health Hut is open on the second and fifth Thursdays of each month from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at First Baptist Church, 411 N. Seventh St. in Lafayette.

The Health Hut provides the following items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, shampoo, razors, deodorant, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. Sometimes we have feminine hygiene products and diapers.

If you are interested in donating items to the Health Hut, please take them to First Baptist Church on the second Thursday of the month between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. If you would like to make a donation, please make out your check to University Church/Health Hut and mail to First Baptist Church, 411 N. Seventh St, Lafayette, IN, 47901. If you have questions, please email

Under Our Roof

Edana (Bonnie) Deverall, 93, mother of Margy Deverall, passed away Nov. 2, 2014, at St Elizabeth House Hospice Center in Hendersonville, NC. Bonnie lived in Lafayette until the last three years of her life.

Together with her husband, Bob, she reared four daughters and one son. She had a rich and happy life full of friendships. She died peacefully surrounded by family and friends.

Her funeral was Nov. 15 at Blessed Sacrament Church in Lafayette. We wish Margy and her husband, Jerry, comfort as they grieve the loss of her mother.

Stewardship Update

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Stewardship Drive a success. Many hands contributed to the Lead Donor Dinner, the Rising Member event, designing and printing pledge materials, and various other tasks. I had a fantastic committee with great ideas and dedicated energy.

By mid-November, pledges were near $200,000 with another $29,000 expected. Thank you to all the church members and friends who have pledged, including several new pledge units.

There are still over 30 members who have not returned their cards. Please understand how important it is for financial planning that all members return their pledge cards. Please contact me if you need a card or have any questions about pledging.

Sherry Tripodi, Stewardship Chair

Kroger/Payless Gift Cards

Our church sells reloadable Kroger/Payless gift cards as a fundraiser. We receive 3 percent of the amount loaded onto the cards on an ongoing basis. You can purchase a gift card during the potluck on the first Sunday of the month.

The card will be preloaded with $25. Any amount can be added to the card at Payless to continue the fundraising efforts. --Kim Smith, Finance Committee

Adult religious education

Building Your Own Theology

BYOT_Flyer.January_2015An eight-week program facilitated by Ellen Germann. 4-6 p.m. Sundays beginning Jan. 18, 2015.

Based on the book by Richard Gilbert, the program is based on the assumption that everyone is his or her own theologian. This classic Unitarian Universalist adult education program invites participants to develop their personal credos, the fundamental religious beliefs, values and convictions that inform and direct the living of their lives.

Gilbert poses five developmental tasks in which participants come to terms with human nature, ultimate reality, history, ethics and religious meaning. The book begins with an introduction to our seven UU Principles.

If you would like to explore your own theology and share your experience with others in our faith, join us for this exciting and thought-provoking course.

E-mail Ellen Germann at Limited to 12 participants so register soon. Purchase the BYOT workbook for $20 or borrow a copy. Pick up at UU.

Ongoing A-REC Programs

Everyone is welcome at these ongoing programs. With each group you can simply show up to begin participating. If you would like to talk with the person leading the group, please e-mail or call Karin Bergman, UU Office Administrator, for specific contact information. All programs take place at the church.

  • Monday Meditation – 7 p.m. Mondays
  • Buddhism Discussion Group - 6 p.m. first & third Mondays
  • Taiji Qigong - 7:30 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Zazen Sitting, Chanting & Reading - 5:30 p.m. Thursdays
  • Zen Meditation - 8 a.m. Saturdays
  • West African Drumming Group Lesson - 7:30 p.m. second Mondays

BLUE MOON RISING: A Singing Opportunity for All!

BlueMoon with nameAre you someone who loves to sing but rarely sings outside of the shower? Or are you an experienced singer who is looking for an opportunity to sing in a relaxed, fun environment?

Consider becoming part of Blue Moon Rising, a community choir for anyone who enjoys singing regardless of past musical experience.

Led by Denise Wilson, the group will meet 7-9 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Unitarian Universalist Church. The first session will run Jan. 14 through April 2. The fee for the 16-week session is $155 and scholarships are available to anyone in need. Feel free to try out the choir for the first two weeks before deciding whether you want to continue and register.

Denise is excited to share many of the songs she learned during a recent intensive Community Choir Leadership Training program in Victoria, British Columbia.

These include songs from a variety of world traditions: South African freedom songs, folk songs (old and new), chants and rounds, old-time gospel, and songs that celebrate peace and justice. The songs have rich harmonies and irresistible rhythms that will get your body moving, lift your worries, and grow your ability to sing with confidence and passion. No prior singing experience required.

If you are interested and would like to receive updates, contact Denise Wilson at or call 490-7882. She will also post updates on her Denise Wilson Music Facebook page. No need to contact her if you’ve already let her know you are interested.

Blue Moons are the second of two full moons in a calendar month. The Blue Moon, according to legend, is a time for wishes to be fulfilled. It is a rare and special gift. Ever hear the phrase, “Once in a Blue Moon”?

Jubilee Christmas Needs Your Help

Jubilee Christmas will take place at our church at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Dec .13.

Many of you volunteered to purchase toys for children so that low-income parents can “shop” for gifts at Jubilee, giving them a chance to play Santa Claus to their little ones on Christmas morning.

Important: Please remember that if you took a tag to buy a gift, deliver the unwrapped gift to the upper room off of the fellowship hall no later than Thursday, Dec. 11 (Sunday, Dec. 7, is preferred). We don’t want a child to be without a gift.

Family hosts, greeters, kitchen crew and others with assigned jobs: Please arrive on Saturday, Dec. 13, about 9:15 a.m. If you would like to help with Friday evening set-up (7 p.m.) or on Saturday and have not had a chance to volunteer yet, please contact Jean Tyner ( or 497-3575).

Thank you for helping us make Jubilee one of the community’s most successful outreach programs. Your contributions enrich lives. Happy holidays!

UU Art Fair: Past and Present

By Jody Tishmack

2006Pottery. Sculpture. Fiber arts. Paintings, photography, jewelry, and woodworking. All of this and much more can be found at the Unitarian Universalist Church Fine Art Fair, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 5-6. This annual event attracts more than 50 local area artists, drawing church members and the community alike.

The first Art Fair was held in 1959, shortly after the UU Fellowship House was established in a residential building in West Lafayette. There were several artists in the fellowship at the time, and the Art Fair provided an opportunity for them and other local artists to display and sell some of their work. Despite the first years of success, the Art Fair was discontinued for a time, possibly due to declining church membership and the beginnings of Round the Fountain Art Fair.

2006 was the last year the Art Fair was held at the Seventh Street building.

2006 was the last year the Art Fair was held at the Seventh Street building.

The late 1980s saw a resurgence of the event. John Carlson’s late wife, Jean, restarted the Art Fair in 1987. “One of Jean’s motivations was to have another outlet to sell her weaving,” says John, who is still involved, helping out with bookkeeping and making sure artists are paid in a timely manner.

Noemi Ybarra has been involved since the Art Fair days back on Seventh Street. She has watched as many changes have been made, with each coordinator adding her own touch.

Sharon McKnight helped with the flow of the sale, directing customer up the front stairs on Seventh Street, checking them out by back stairs, and having them exit by way of the café, which encouraged guests to stay even longer.

Classrooms in our new building are filled with art work for sale.

Classrooms in our new building are filled with art work for sale.

Terry Robertson-Smith sold fresh flowers; Jennifer Cominetti-Craig and Melissa Shepson helped us transition to our new space on Meridian Street, where the number of artists continues to increase.

Current coordinator Margy Deverall brings her own expertise with her connections to the local art community. And the check-out process has evolved from handwritten paper inventory to a sophisticated computer database.

It takes a lot of volunteers to make the Art Fair a success, and Lisa Pantea has for many years recruited dozens of helpers. Lisa said she continues to volunteer for the Art Fair because, “It’s all about hanging out with great people for a bigger cause.”

Trudi Wildfeuer preparing baked goods.

Trudi Wildfeuer preparing baked goods.

Trudi’s Café, once called “Trudi’s Vienna Café,” has been an important part of the Art Fair for more than 16 years. Headed by Trudi Wildfeuer, her gourmet cakes and Viennese baked delicacies have become such popular items that she now begins baking in October, with others also contributing baked goods.

Since joining the church three years ago, I have volunteered in Trudi’s Café and donated home-baked items and soup. I love working Friday night in the café — the steamy warmth of the kitchen, the laughter of familiar friends, serving cheerful people lined up at the window, and then spending a few hours among all the other shoppers admiring the beautiful artwork and buying Christmas gifts.

Trudi’s café tables fill up quickly on Friday evening.

Trudi’s café tables fill up quickly on Friday evening.

As a newcomer to the church, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet other members; now that I’ve been around awhile it is like getting together with my family for a holiday celebration.

The Art Fair is one of our church’s oldest annual community events. It is our chance to meet other members, work together, and raise needed funds for our church. So please come as shoppers, volunteers, or both! It is a wonderful way to start the holiday season.

December Calendar


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1:30 pm Writers’ Group 101/103
  • 6 pm Buddhism Discussion Group with Monica Ward (101/103)
  • 7 pm Meeting (anon) (FH)
  • 7 pm Monday Meditation (101/103)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1 pm Old Path White Clouds (101/103)
  • 6 pm Program Council (101/103)
  • 7 pm Lafayette Chamber Singers (S)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon “The Principled Group” Discussion (101/103)
  • 2:30 pm Girl Scout Troop (FH)
  • 6 pm Meeting (anon) (101/103)


  • 5:30 pm Zazen Sitting, Chanting & Reading (M)
  • 5:40 pm Dinner @MCL
  • 6 pm Finance Committee (104)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)






  • 9 am Forum (101/103)
  • 10:30 am Worship & RE
  • 11:45 am POTLUCK SUNDAY
  • Noon UU Membership Class: UU History (104)
  • 12:30 pm Giving Tree Shopping Field Trip
  • 7:30 pm Lafayette Area Peace Coalition (101/103)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 7 pm Meeting (anon) (FH)
  • 7 pm Monday Meditation (101/103)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)
  • 7 pm Drumming Lesson (S)


  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1 pm Old Path White Clouds (101/103)
  • 5:30 pm Pastoral Care (102)
  • 6:30 pm BOARD MEETING (101/103)
  • 7:00 PM ACLU-IN BOARD (212)
  • 7:00 PM Lafayette Chamber Singers (S)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon “The Principled Group” Discussion (101/103)
  • 2:30 pm Girl Scout Troop (FH)
  • 4 pm Fellowship Hall Reserved for private event
  • 6 pm Meeting (anon) (101/103)


  • 5:30 pm Worship Committee (106)
  • 5:30 pm Zazen Sitting, Chanting & Reading (M)
  • 5:40 pm Dinner @MCL
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • LUM CHRISTMAS JUBILEE Preparation all day event, FH, K, All RE Rooms, Upper & Lower Room!
  • 7:30 AM Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (101/103)
  • 6:30 pm Lafayette Chamber Singers Rehearsal (S)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • LUM CHRISTMAS JUBILEE All Day Event, FH, K, All RE Rooms, Upper & Lower Room!
  • 8 am Zen M
  • 9 am Lafayette Chamber Singers Rehearsal (S)


  • 9 am Forum (101/103):
  • 10:30 am Worship & RE
  • 11:30 am UU Talk and Tour following service
  • 1 pm Lafayette Chamber Singers Concert Set Up
  • 3 pm Lafayette Chamber Singers Concert (S)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1:30 pm Writers’ Group (101/103)
  • 6 pm Buddhism Discussion Group with Monica Ward (101/103, First & third Mondays)
  • 6 pm Safety Committee (104)
  • 7 pm Meeting (anon) (FH)
  • 7 pm Monday Meditation (101/103)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • Chanukah (begins sunset)
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1 pm Old Path White Clouds (101/103)
  • 7 pm Lafayette Chamber Singers (S)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • 9 am All Day Old Tippecanoe Quilting Guild (FH)
  • Noon “The Principled Group” Discussion (101/103)
  • 2:30 pm Girl Scout Troop (FH)
  • 6 pm Meeting (anon) (101/103)


  • 5 pm Zazen Sitting, Chanting & Reading (M)
  • 5 pm Dinner @MCL
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 6:30 pm PRYSM (102)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)
  • 7 pm Winter Solstice Celebration (FH)


  • 8 am Zen M


  • 9 am Forum (101/103)
  • 10:30 am Worship & RE Christmas Program
  • 4 pm UU Photo Group (101/103)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 7 pm Meeting (anon) (FH)
  • 7 pm Monday Meditation (101/103)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1 pm Old Path White Clouds (101/103)
  • 6:30 pm Committee on Ministry (102)
  • 7 pm Lafayette Chamber Singers (S)


  • Chanukah (ends sunset)
  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon “The Principled Group” Discussion (101/103)
  • 6 pm Meeting (anon) (101/103)
  • 6 pm Candlelight Service


  • 5:30 PM Zazen Sitting, Chanting & Reading (M)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • 8 am Zen M


  • 9 am Forum (101/103):
  • 10:30 am Worship & RE


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 7 pm Meeting (anon) (FH)
  • 7 pm Monday Meditation (101/103)
  • 7 pm Strolling Singers (S)


  • Noon Meeting (FH)
  • 1 pm Old Path White Clouds (101/103)


  • 7:30 am Taiji Qigong with Lisa Peterson
  • Noon “The Principled Group” Discussion (101/103)
  • 2:30 pm Girl Scout Troop (FH)
  • 6 pm Meeting (anon) (101/103)