Lighted Chalice Weekly for Feb 8, 2015

  • Sunday Forum 9 am; Sunday Service and Religious Exploration Classes 10:30 am.
  • Nursery and childcare available.
  • Read or print this newsletter as a pdf. Some additional information is posted here, including the monthly calendar of events at the church.


  • FORUM, 9 AM Professor Wally Tyner, Energy Economist and James and Lois Ackerman Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, discusses Thomas Piketty’s book, "Capital in the 21st Century.” Named business book of the year by the Financial Times of London, the main theme is that income and wealth inequality are increasing, and Piketty explains why income and wealth inequality have varied over time and across countries. He also offers some policy prescriptions to deal with the increasing inequality we see today. Tyner will review the major themes of the book and offer his views about the importance of the work for our economy and society. Forum is co-chaired by Jim Anderson, Tom McConville and Bill Welge. Note from T. McConville: The UUA Current Congregational Study Action Issue is “Escalating Inequality,” . The UU Social Justice Committee is just now organizing to sponsor this CSAI in our church. Dr. Wally Tyner ‘s Sunday Morning Forum presentation deals with this topic. Both this Forum and this CSAI dovetail well with the Economic Justice core issue of Indiana Moral Mondays for which the UUC is an official supporter.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Rev. Daniel Charles Davis presents, “Lydia Maria Child.” Lydia Marie Child had a profound impact on 19th century Unitarianism. Early in the century she was a nanny for the children of William Ellery Channing and influenced him to write against slavery. Toward the end of the century she wrote books and articles on comparative religion. Worship Associate, Janice Thiel. Sound, Mike Marsh. Pulpit Preparation, Nina Kirkpatrick. Fellowship Team Leader: Susan McConville.


  • FORUM, 9 AM Amy French, Denise Laussade, and Eric Thiel, long-time members of the UU Church will discuss the UU Church Endowment fund. Forum is co-chaired by Jim Anderson, Tom McConville and Bill Welge.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Worship Leader Kris Taylor presents “Selfies and their Relationship to Spirituality.” We live in a society increasingly obsessed with the need to be somebody special—to be liked, followed or friended. In this service we’ll explore these recent social trends and the implications for spirituality, as framed by Lama Marut in his recent book, “Be Nobody.” Using a backdrop of the teachings of the world’s major religions, it may be that being nobody is the path we should choose. Worship Associate, Michael Lewis. Pianist, Sarah May. Sound, Gary Fowler. Pulpit Preparation, Robin Poindexter. Note: This service was originally scheduled for February 1, 2015 and was cancelled due to inclement weather.


Last week was my first “snow day” as DRE. I hope everyone enjoyed the snow and family time. Next week we’ll have a spirit circle in rooms 101/103 to make valentines for the CARE committee.

RE Class Information and Guide Schedule

RE Guide Schedule for February 8th: (spirit circle- children begin in room 101/103)

  • Pre-k/k: Lorraine
  • 1st/2nd: Sarah and Sherry
  • 3rd/4th: Yiseul and Wendy
  • 5th: Neil
  • 6th-8th:
  • 9th-12th: Julie and Kim
  • Shadows: Lynn and Michelle

RE Guide Schedule for February 15th: (children begin in service) Kathy Coder will be the DRE sub today!!!

  • Pre-k/k: Lorraine and Andrew or Alison M.
  • 1st/2nd: Beth and Andrea
  • 3rd/4th: Yiseul
  • 5th:
  • 6th-8th: Sarah
  • 9th-12th: Kim and Kat
  • Shadows: Lynn and Michelle

Important Reminders

  • Please see the RE bulletin board in the fellowship hall and for important RE information and announcements.
  • Interested in becoming a guide, shadow, sub, or volunteer? Have a child in RE and want to find out more about the program? Are you a guide who wants to explore interesting and relevant topics for the RE classroom? If so, one or more of these sessions may be for you...
  • Sunday, February 22- (9:45-10:15 in the DRE office) Becoming a shadow and working with students with special needs
  • Sunday, February 22 - (12:30-1:30 in room 101/103) Nursery volunteer and employee training. (Please note that you must be at least eleven years old to volunteer and thirteen years old to work in the nursery.)
  • Sunday, March 1st- (12:30-1:30 in room 101/103) Volunteer callout and RE parent informational meeting!!! Come learn more about the RE program and find out about ways to help out and volunteer in the RE classroom
  • Sunday, March 22nd- (9:45-10:15) Responsive classroom as it relates to the RE classroom (strategies for community building, holding classroom meetings, social curriculum) Please let me know if you have a special interest in any of the following topics: reducing your carbon footprint, water conservation, trees, gardening, and/or pollution. We will be doing monthly spirit circles and would love some experts to share information and lead the lesson.

RE birthday recognition!

Our first birthday celebration was a success. The February birthday party will be on Sunday, February 22nd following service. If you have a February birthday, make sure to turn in a birthday sheet in the DRE mailbox and RSVP to

Feb 28: UU Service Auction - Save the date!

February 28th, 2015, 6:00 - 10:00 pm. Tickets are $10 ea. Dinner & childcare Provided. Amy French is working on another amazing menu & won't want to miss this year's auction! More details to come. For further information contact Julie Rubsam, Service Auction Chairperson at or 765-412-2967.

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