Utilizing the Skills of our Membership

It is valuable to know people within our congregation who have skills that apply to the maintenance and improvement needs of our church building. In recent weeks, some of our members have stepped up to assist us with some of these needs and in the process have saved us a tidy sum.

Eric Thiel and Larry Guentert have been improving our sound system in the sanctuary at no cost to the church to date. Jason Rubsam is working with us to update our phone and computer system. He has also made some affordable recommendations for upgrade. Rae Schnapp has been working with community service volunteer Ben Stukey to do electrical repair, lock replacement and more.

There are times that the skilled in our midst just do what they see is needed with no acknowledgement. This month I dedicate my column space to give a special thanks to all of you! Sometimes, we hire work done with the assumption that none of us possess the special knowledge or skills needed. We need a catalogue of in-house talent to prevent needless spending.

One thought on “Utilizing the Skills of our Membership

  1. Dorothy Hughes

    I echo all the remarks in the article. Thanks, Alice for sharing this information with the congregation.

    I encourage all members of the congregation to reflect on what gifts and talents they can share, not only with maintaining the building and grounds. There are numerous other ways to contribute and share skills such as committee work, volunteering at events, and participating in a fellowship team.

    It not only ‘takes a village’ to raise children; it takes a village of variously gifted and talented people to share their skills for us to have a thriving and vibrant community.

    The personal enrichment you receive far outweighs the effort expended.

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