2021 Stewardship Campaign

Keep Our Flame Burning
2021 Stewardship Campaign

Thank you to all who joined us during our 2021 Stewardship Campaign Kickoff Weekend! We are grateful pledges are coming in for our 2021 annual budget, and as of Thursday, September 17th, we are 60% of our $220,000 pledge goal!

If you would like to view our “Virtual Coffeehouse Concert,” it is available through a link on our website, www.uuctc.org. Search for “coffeehouse” and you will see the option for our “2020 Stewardship Coffeehouse Concert - on demand.” Enjoy!

If you would like to complete your pledge online, there is an option on the front page of our website, “annual pledge.” It’s easy to complete your 2021 pledge there. Or, please send in your completed pledge card that was enclosed in the stewardship mailing.

If you have any questions for the Stewardship Team, please email stewardship@uuctc.org.

Let’s “Keep Our Flame Burning” brighter than ever! Thank you!

Stewardship Team Contact information: stewardship@uuctc.org