Family Promise Training Sessions

Logo of Family Promise of Greater Lafayette, IncPlease join us for one of these training sessions so that UUCTC can continue our involvement with Family Promise, the greater Lafayette's family homeless shelter. Everyone volunteering with Family Promise needs to participate in a training session. The dates and times are below:

September 5th: 1:00 pm
September 5th: 6:00 pm
September 6th :12:00 pm
September 6th: 4:00 pm
September 9th: 1:00 pm
September 12th: 12:00 pm
September 12th: 5:30 pm

The new location for Family Promise is 2010 Elmwood, Lafayette.

The new volunteering roles needed include providing dinners on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; volunteering to interact with families and children Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 to 9; volunteering at the center on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to monitor the center and interact with families. We will continue to partner with Our Savior Lutheran Church on our designated weeks.

Please attend a training session or contact Jenny Moss if you have questions about Family Promise.