This page is your portal to information related to our church's ministerial search and transition process beginning in 2020. More information will be posted soon. In the meantime, we invite you to download and read the Unitarian Universalist Association's Settlement Handbook (PDF).

Ministerial Search Committee
Stephen David
Barny Dunning (chair)
Brent Jesiek
Susanne McConville
Kim Smith

Our Covenant
The UUA has formalized a many step process to help churches acquire a settled minister. Nevertheless, there are still many areas of individual and group involvement that require our creativity and effective collective efforts in working together. Our search committee recognizes that we represent the congregation. Most importantly, our whole church, individually and collectively, are in this search together. With this idea and feeling foremost in our minds, we are resolved to make every effort to include the whole congregation wherever possible. We believe that this kind of collaboration cultivates a growing sense of belonging to our beloved community. This abiding sense has informed the covenant we have agreed upon to guide our deliberations.

Barring specific moments of necessary confidentiality, we seek to be honest, open, respectful, and forthcoming on developments in every step of the way in our search; we value and seek the input of the diversity in our midst; we consider our needs not from distant ideas, however attractive they may seem, but from the reality of our situation as we seek to move our church forward; and finally, while we honor the legacy of our past we remain steadfast in reflecting the needs of our current members. We shall always be mindful of how we are representing our many groups and individuals in our congregation.

In light of how we have decided to proceed in this search, we will be coming to you in the coming weeks and months, for your reflections, thoughts, desires, and hopes for our community.

Search Process and Timeline

Task Time Period Status
Form search committee Spring 2020 Complete
Committee retreat with UUA coach Summer 2020 Complete
Finalize search budget Summer 2020 Complete
Create search committee web site Summer 2020 Complete
Review by-laws Summer-Fall 2020 In process
Survey the congregation Sep 2020 Complete
Conduct focus groups and cottage meetings Oct 2020 Complete
Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop/worship Oct 24-25, 2020 Complete
Compile documents packet Fall 2020 Complete
Compile congregational record Fall 2020 Complete
Receive initial list of interested ministers early Jan 2021 Complete
Pre-candidate selection and interviews Feb-Mar 2021 Complete
Submit candidate preferences to UUA late Mar 2021 Complete
Extend offer to candidate early Apr 2021 Complete
Contract negotiation, background checks mid Apr 2021 Complete
Candidating week (visit to church and vote) - Rev. Jennie Barrington Apr 25-May 2, 2021 Complete
Prepare for August start date Summer 2021 In process
Arrival and start of new minister August 1, 2021 In process

Search Committee Reports to Board of Trustees

Other Public Search Documents