Canceling our podcast

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to let you all know that we've canceled our UUCTC Sermon podcast.  We had not updated it since May 2019 because the process by which we got the audiofiles didn't really work very smoothly.  We instead started live-streaming our service to Facebook, and we post it in our Services pages for folks who are not on Facebook.  We have improved how we record the audio, so we hope those recordings are better now.  We apologize to those of you who subscribed to the podcast for the abrupt departure.  It cost us $19/month to host, in contrast to Facebook live which is free.  I've uploaded some stats so you can see how far our reach was.  We streamed to Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Maybe if we can figure out a simple way to get the recordings from FB Live routinely processed, we can start the podcast up again.

Thank you to those who listed over the course of our podcast experiment!

-- Alice Pawley, communications chair

Table of most listened to podcast episodes
Table of most listened to UUCTC sermon podcast episodes.


Table of cities with listeners that most often listened to UUCTC sermon podcast episodes