Centralizing Communications – Please Let Us Know If You Don’t Get an OOS within 2 hrs

We're doing our best to centralize communications for UUCTC.  These website posts are helpful, but are not intended to replace the Order of Service (OOS) + Meridian Update and other messages we send out.  So if you get this website notification via email, but do not get an OOS + Meridian Update within 2 hours, that means we don't have your accurate email address in our IconCMO database. Please let us know this at office@uuctc.org.  In the near future, we will be adding ways to customize which emails you get from IconCMO.

If you see this on Facebook, right now our plan does not include cross-posting the OOS+Meridian Update to Facebook - but that's open to discussion. If you abhor email and really want the OOS updates announced and linked on Facebook/online, please comment! The Meridian Update is generally uploaded by Sunday to https://uuctc.org/category-news/newsletter/the-meridian-update-weekly-bulletin