We host some regular events and special activities throughout the year. For specific dates, visit our calendar. To learn more about each activity, see below.

All-Church Retreat

We hold our annual retreat in August. The retreat typically features workshops, worship, outdoor activities such as biking and hiking, and social activities such as dancing and music.  For more information for this family friendly event; contact Josh or Linda Prokopy: joshuaprokopy@gmail.com.

Holiday Art Fair

This annual community event is a showcase for local artists and a fundraiser for the church. Held the first Friday evening (5 - 9pm) & Saturday (10am-4pm) of December. The Holiday Art Fair is a well-respected tradition in the greater Lafayette area featuring art, food and music. Contact artfair@uuctc.org.

Plant Sale 

The annual plant sale is a service to the community and a fundraising event for the church. Congregants are asked to donate plants as they thin their perennials. The Plant Sale is held on a Saturday in late April or early May. Contact lisapantea@gmail.com.

Clothing Drive

The Social Justice Committee sponsors this annual community service project. Donations of clothing are collected and given to Goodwill, Goodwill in turn provides vouchers to be distributed to low-income families through agencies such as Lafayette Urban Ministries.  Contact: suemcconville1200@gmail.com.

Service auction

We hold an annual service auction as a fundraiser for the church, typically in February.  People volunteer services to be auctioned, such as two hours of computer training, attending a bird hike, or helping with backyard weeding. These services are auctioned, with the proceeds benefitting the church. Attending the event includes dinner and fun mixing with attendees.   Contact mvanmeeter@comcast.net.

Wheel of the Year

Rituals are family friendly and are related to the celebrated day via Poetry and Songs, light refreshment are typically served.  The days celebrated are: August: Lammas; September: Mabon, The Autumn Equinox; October: Samhain; December: Yule Winer Solstice; February, Imbloc; March: Ostara, The Spring Equinox, April/May: Beltane; June: Litha, The Summer Solstice. Specific dates will be in the weekly Order of Service and on the church calendar.  Contact kdreynol@purdue.edu.

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