Ministerial Search Committee Needs Your Input: Congregational Survey

As a congregation, we are all – individually and collectively – involved in a search for a new minister. To better understand our collective needs and aspirations, we have set up a series of steps to gather information that speaks to the nature and character of our congregation. The first of these steps is a survey to help our committee, and our future minister, gain such insights. Please join us in our search by completing the survey available at:

If an online survey presents you with difficulty, please fill out and return this printable PDF version of the survey. If you have questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Stephen David ( or Susanne McConville ( For additional information about the search committee and process, please see the Ministerial Transition page.

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  1. Please send this out to the whole church email list — I got an email from the blog list Service, and not the email list. Either we need to update the listserv to include new members, or we need to send important items like this through a different mechanism. Thank you!! I LOVED the survey!

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