Search Committee Focus Groups and Cottage Meetings

During the month of October the Ministerial Search Committee will hold a series of Focus Groups and Cottage Meetings. Focus Groups bring together targeted groups, such as members of committees or interest groups, various demographic groups, the church staff, etc. These conversations may focus on interests specific to a given group.

In contrast, Cottage Meetings are open meetings where congregants can meet via Zoom to give the search committee input on the search for our settled minister and their aspirations for the future of our church. Members only need to attend one cottage meeting.

Cottage Meeting Dates:
Oct. 4th, Sunday during coffee hour
Oct. 7th, Wednesday 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM via Zoom:
Oct.11th, Sunday during coffee hour
Oct. 14th, Wednesday 12:00 PM to 1 PM via Zoom:
Oct. 15th, Thursday 7PM to 8 PM via Zoom:
Oct. 18th, Sunday during coffee hour

Anyone seeking to provide input at other times or in another format are encouraged to contact a member of the search committee: Barny Dunning (chair), Stephen David, Brent Jesiek, Susanne McConville, or Kim Smith.