A Place Where all are Welcome

Steve Moss

I've been a member of UUCTC since 2012, but a Unitarian Universalist since 2006. My family and I are pleased to have found our spiritual home.

Growing up, religion had nothing but bad connotations for me. Growing up surrounded by various denominations of Christianity, I could never square the teachings of Jesus that I read of in the Bible and the uncharitable nature of many Christians I knew. While Jesus talked of love, forgiveness, and ministering to the poor, it seemed like many people who claimed to follow Jesus were selfish, bigoted, and hateful. When I was old enough to understand, my father told me that he was gay. Soon after, I learned of how were considered sinners by most Christians, with a few very vocal preachers calling for their execution. As I watched my father experience discrimination due to his sexual orientation, and experienced some myself as his son, I came to blame Christianity, and religion in general, for many of the problems our society faces.

I won't lie, my wife dragged me kicking and screaming to our first service, at First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I wanted no part of religion and every church service I'd been forced to attend in my life had been confusing and alienating experiences. But what I found was a loving community of folks who came together to support one another, rather than to judge. I found a community that didn't force me to believe in past events that couldn't possibly have happened, or worship a God whose existence I doubted. At the same time, others around me who did believe in those things were welcome too. I found that spirituality is about more than a set of beliefs about supreme beings and miracles and more about who we are together, as people. That a faith community is just as much about community as it is about faith.

At UUCTC, we aren't told what to believe, but we do embrace common values. We strive above all to love one another, in our church and in the wider world around us. We search for truth, and strive to respect those who believe, or practice differently than we do. And we try to make a difference in the world in a hundred small ways. I am proud to be a UU, and glad to have found a spiritual community where I belong.