We’ve found our village

Photo of Alice Pawley

My partner and I were UUs before we knew it, and formally joined when we moved here in 2007. UUCTC matters to us particularly for religious education for our kids.

My partner Stephen and I think we were UUs well before we knew it.  We got married in a UU Meeting House in Madison Wisconsin in 2004 even though we weren't UU at the time because we knew the UU denomination reflected our values of inclusion and rights for LGBTQ+ folks. We started to attend UUCTC when we moved to West Lafayette in 2007 because we wanted a connection with a liberal religion, and needed a village.  That need increased when our kids were born.  We became strongly committed to making sure that they receive a religious education that recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of every person, helps them learn from many faith traditions without needing to believe in magic, while also recognizing that science is real, climate change is real, and women should have control over their own bodies.  We are grateful for a spiritual community where we can bring our whole selves and not have to isolate parts of our brain that don't fit.

Since we started coming, I've been a member of the choir, and Stephen was assistant treasurer, we have been to Halloween parties and served at the Art Fair as volunteers, we serve with our kids on fellowship teams, and we are careful every summer to bring water from our family gathering back for the Water Communion.  UUCTC is part of our village, and we are part of its village; we are grateful for this beloved community, both for ourselves and for our kids.