Sunday Fellowship Teams

Sunday fellowship teams are groups of people (mostly members) from the congregation who work together as hosts on a rotating schedule of Sundays to make the church a welcoming place for everyone.  We open and close the church, we greet people as they arrive on Sunday morning, we help collect the offering, we set up and clean up from coffee hour or potluck in the Fellowship Hall, we staff the Newcomer's Table, we do childcare during coffee hour after service, and various other tasks as needed.  We're always looking for more volunteers!  If we have spelled your name incorrectly,  you haven’t been assigned to a team, or you have questions, please contact Christine Schertz. Thank you!

2014 Sunday Fellowship Teams Roster

Andrea and Gary Burniske

  • Jason and Julie Rubsam
  • Brent and Julie Jesieck
  • Tim Martinez
  • Tim Luttermoser
  • Ellen Gruenbaum
  • Kris and Dan Taylor
  • Adriela Fernandez and Tom Hertel
  • Janice Krivchevsky and Bob Kovak
  • Beverly and Cliff Cox
  • Nancy Whiting
  • Nina Kirkpatrick
  • Damon and Elizabeth Lincourt

Barny Dunning and Beth Misner

  • Jean and Doug Herr
  • Hershel and Virginia Lewis
  • Kim Harden
  • Bess Cooley
  • Randy and Lorraine Meyer
  • Neelu Chawla
  • Lola Straub
  • Sue Robinson
  • Kathleen Payton
  • Ed Layer and Virginia Smith
  • June Cohen
  • Michelle Miller
  • Don Gresham
  • John Duvall and Kathy Shroth

Kat Braz

  • Kim Smith
  • Frank Arnold
  • Suzan Windnagel
  • Denise Laussade
  • Linda Lou Prokopy
  • Noemi Ybarra
  • Larry Guentert
  • Deanna Braun
  • Brian Harley
  • Doug Paprocki
  • Mary Ann Foley
  • John Neal
  • Kris Tiffany
  • Amy Bauer and Tony Pawli
  • Elizabeth Jo and Toni Davisson
  • Cindy Gerlach and Gary Mueller

Stephen Hoffmann and Alice Pawley

  • Gale Charlotte and Karen Adams
  • Don and Ruth Ann Ferris
  • Irene Stevens
  • Julia and Kevin Colby
  • Beth Hoffmann and Rob Noll
  • Jean and Wally Tyner
  • Jim and Marilyn Anderson
  • Katie Kreider
  • Patty Wood
  • Marge Hood
  • Alanna and Steve Nelson

Amy French and Christine Schertz

  • Ed and Kathy Bowen
  • Andrew and Jessie Bowen
  • Sarah and Bill Cannon
  • Joe Hiscox
  • Rae Schnapp
  • Margy Deverall
  • Jerry Hunley
  • Laura and Mike Geiger-Reed
  • Sallie Cooke
  • Renu Bhatia
  • David Bridgham
  • Roberta Robson
  • Rochelle Robson
  • Beth and Chris Garrretson

Susanne McConville

  • Peggy Martin
  • Trudi Wildfleur
  • Jason Dufair
  • Susannah Hall-Justice
  • Kathy Coder
  • Amanda Estes
  • Todd Rush
  • Roy and Carolyn Barnhardt
  • Lynn Holland
  • JoAnn Muller
  • Keith Brown
  • Ashby and Dan Mizell
  • Nancy Burton
  • Nancy and Marty Patchen
  • Matthew and Jessie Volvloski

Josh and Linda Prokopy

  • Mike and Sherry Tripodi
  • Dianna and Robin Poindexter
  • Jim and Rosemary Leary
  • Bob and JJ Rode
  • Chuck Reynolds and Verna Ritz
  • Erin and JT Hoke
  • Larry and Peg Dunkle
  • Nathan Reiss
  • Jamie Metzinger
  • Karl and Joan Lohmann

Mark VanMeeter and Cindy Krulitz

  • Linda Lemar and Cliff Sadof
  • Gary and Cheryl Fowler
  • Dorothy Hughes
  • Gail Davis
  • Jenny Higgenbottom
  • Martha Lempke
  • Michael Lewis
  • Joan Marshall
  • Della Williams
  • John Wilms
  • Kirsten Reynolds
  • Martha Gipson
  • Terrie Kercher
  • Kidd Deckard
  • Ned Delaney

Kathy Willowode

  • Bill Welge
  • Janice Schuster
  • Joan Zinn
  • Jody and Patrick Tishmack
  • Jay Melosh and Ellen German
  • Frank and Laura Helms
  • Ingrid Cleaver
  • John Carlson
  • Chad and Ellen Phelps
  • Judith Klockzim
  • Jimmy and Kathy Derringer
  • Margaret Deedon
  • Ron Robertson

Julia Colby

  • Eric and Janice Thiel
  • Neil and Wendy Schmitzer-Torbert
  • Yiseul Suh
  • Denise Wilson
  • Lisa Pantea and Dan Lybrook
  • Sharon and Doug McKnight
  • Kitty Campbell
  • John and Mary Finley
  • Rae Brandt
  • Dave Shelton
  • Chap Flack
  • Charlie Babbs
  • Lee Sullivan

2014-15 schedule

September 14 Amy French and Christine Schertz
September 21 Mark VanMeeter
September 28 Kat Braz
October 5 Alice Pawley and Stephen Hoffmann
October 12 Linda and Josh Prokopy
October 19 Susanne McConville
October 26 Gary and Andrea Burniske
November 2 Barny Dunning &Beth Misner
November 9 Julia and Kevin Colby
November 16 Kathy Willowoode
November 23 TBA
November 30 Kat Braz

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