Need to get the word out about your church-related event? We have a variety of options for announcements and publicity, including:

  • this website
  • our Facebook page and Facebook discussion group
  • our monthly Lighted Chalice newsletter
  • the weekly Meridian Update section or the Order of Service
  • an announcement before service or before our weekly forum
  • PR volunteers who can attempt to attract media coverage for your event
  • an all-church email

If you would like to submit an announcement or event for one or more of the above outlets, please complete our event/announcement form. Articles for the Lighted Chalice must be submitted by the 15th of the month. Items for the Meridian Update must be submitted by the prior Wednesday. Announcements before service or forum must be submitted at least two days in advance.

If you are looking for help planning communication for a whole event, please visit our communication resource page here, with the password being the second half of our unison benediction after Sunday service, in all lower case letters and with no spaces.