Life long learning is one of the most important tenets of Unitarian Universalism. Our belief in the continuing revelation of Truth in all its forms holds with it the responsibility to pursue that truth with intention and purpose, and Adult Religious Exploration workshops are an important way in which we as a congregational community engage in this pursuit of Truth. Our workshops seek to support our personal spiritual journeys by providing opportunities to expand our knowledge, to explore ideas and feelings and to grow emotionally and spiritually. By this support of the personal and individual, we re-energize and re-focus our spiritual and civic commitments, contributing thus to a strong foundation for our collective work towards a better society.

Sunday Morning Forum

Read about our regular Sunday Forum meetings, held Sundays at 9 am in RM 101/103.  Read more here including weekly topics.

Adult Religious Exploration Council (A-REC)

There are numerous meetings to enhance your spiritual, physical and mental health at our church each week.  They are open to the congregation and the public. These groups also help support the church by collection donations and/or doing service projects for our church.

These include:

12 step meetings

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Friday noon (FH)
  • Monday 7:00 pm (FH)

Taiji 7:00 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday (FH)

Qigong 7:30 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday (FH)


  • Monday 7:00 PM (101-103)
  • Thursday 5:00 pm (meditation room)
  • Saturday 8:00 am (meditation room)

Church Library

The church has a large number of books on various religious, theological and spiritual topics.  You are welcome to borrow books from the church library.