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Putting the Pieces Together: UUCTC Leaders Announce Strategic Planning Sessions

The leadership has heard you and now we are asking for your support. Beginning in August, the long awaited visioning process for UUCTC will begin. We will work alongside of a UUA consultant who will guide ALL of us through this process. The visioning process will help US discover, Who we are? Where we are going? and How will we get there?

It is important that note the pronouns and phrases used earlier in this article… We will, All, and US...These were purposely used to reflect and to encourage everyone to participate. This is NOT a leaders’ event but these sessions are a UUCTC event, everyone is encouraged to participate. You Matter!, and we want you’re your help.

Please hold these dates – they are important for our path forward: The Visioning Process will be held at the church on Friday evening, August 25th, and then Saturday the 26th until 1pm. Exact hours have not been confirmed. The facilitator for this will be Dan Wiseman. Dan is currently developing a draft agenda and methodology, which he will share with us in the coming week. He sees this as being an iterative process, through which we get the sessions we need.

 About the facilitator: Dan has been a member of the Central Midwest District Consultant Group since 2001. Recent projects include district-wide leadership programs, congregation and board retreats and serving as CMwD’s congregational conflict engagement project. He has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and PhD work in Adult Education (ABD).

Questions:  Andrea Burniske: or Dorothy Hughes:

Stewardship Drive lunch and discussion

uua-logoJoin us on September 25, 2016 at 11:45 am for a casual get-together in the forum room to discuss annual giving to the church. We'll talk about why it's important to pledge, how to decide how much to pledge, what it means to be a Fair Share giver, how your pledge dollars are spent, and more. Your pledge card will be available. Lunch will be served. Childcare will be provided if requested in advance.

Please contact Sherry Tripodi or Kim Smith with questions.

Copies of the Proposed Budget will be Available Soon

The board will have hard copies of the proposed church budget for the remainder of 2016 available on Thursday March 10th, ten days prior to the congregation meeting scheduled for March 20th. The hard copies of the budget will be available in the narthex and on the desk outside the church office. Additionally, an all church email of the budget will also be sent on March 10th. Please plan to attend the congregational meeting. If you have any questions please contact Kim Smith or 219-680-7100.

Nominating Committee – Slate nominees for board and other leadership positions for May 17 Congregational Meeting

Nominating Committee is proud to present the following Slate for the May 17 Congregational Committee.

Board Chair Elect - Dorothy Hughes
Trustees - Mike Reed, Amanda Estes
Nominating Committee - Lorraine Myer, Cindy Krulitz
Endowment Committee - Julia Colby

I want to thank Nominating Committee, Dianna Poindexter , Laura Geiger-Reed and Beth Misner for all their hard work. And of course we need to all thank those names above who have said YES to serving the UUC . I would like to also thank those rolling off the Board and other committees: Mark VanMeeter (Board Past chair), Kris Taylor (Board Trustee), Amy French (Endowment Committee) and Lisa Pantea and Dianna Poindexter (Nominating Committee)- you have service our beloved community well!

From Lisa Pantea,