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Talent Show and Soup Cook-Off

Join us in celebrating the end of another successful Stewardship campaign with a Talent Show and Soup Cook-Off on November 4 from five to nine p.m. The children's talent show will begin at five in the sanctuary. Then we'll go to the Fellowship Hall for the Soup Cook -Off Dinner. Around 7pm we begin the adult talent show. This event, including dinner, is free and child care is available. Extra tickets can be purchased to vote for your favorite soup.
Many hands are needed to make this a successful event. Please volunteer by commenting below or contacting Sherry at 414-0384 or to:

  • perform your talent
  • have your child perform
  • prepare a large batch of soup for the cook-off
  • bring other food such as fruit, veggies, bread, or dessert
  • help set up
  • help in the kitchen during the event
  • help clean up
  • serve drinks

We hope to see you all there! ~The Stewardship Committee

Strengthening Community Through Stewardship and Service

Please plan to attend the Interest Fair on Sunday, September 10 after service in Fellowship Hall to learn more about how you can enjoy the fellowship of others as you share your time and talent to nurture and support this congregation.

What is stewardship? Merriam – Webster offers the definition: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care. This congregation has been entrusted with UUCTC’s legacy. Supporting the foundation laid by our predecessors includes financially supporting the church; it also includes sharing your time and talent to contribute to the vitality of this beloved community.

How many staff and volunteers do you speculate it takes to cover Sunday morning activities at church, five, ten, fifteen, twenty . . .?

Let’s take a look:
• Forum (2)
• RE classes/nursery coverage; two staff and ten volunteers (12)
• Fellowship Team to cover the welcome table and coffee hour/potluck Sundays. There are about 20 people on each team. We all have busy lives so each leader has to hope that enough people on the team are available on the assigned Sunday. (~10)
• Worship, two staff (minister and pianist), worship associate, sound tech, two greeters (6)
• Collection counting (2)
That is about 30 people, just for Sunday morning!

There are numerous moving parts that compose UUCTC. Administering the church and all its moving parts is comprised of elected offices, committees, interest groups, fundraisers and activities that support and nourish this church and its congregants. Whatever gifts and talents you have, they are welcome here! As Program Council chair I can assure you we welcome new faces and new ideas.

Sherry Tripodi, currently chair of the nominating committee and the November Talent Show, also on the Sunday greeter team, has: served on the board, chaired the stewardship campaign, led a fellowship team and been involved in numerous other ways. She describes her UUCTC volunteer experience, "I started volunteering at the church right after we joined. This was the easiest way for me to get to know people. Serving on committees and organizing events has helped me to stay involved and committed to the church and to create relationships with other members."

Stewardship Drive lunch and discussion

uua-logoJoin us on September 25, 2016 at 11:45 am for a casual get-together in the forum room to discuss annual giving to the church. We'll talk about why it's important to pledge, how to decide how much to pledge, what it means to be a Fair Share giver, how your pledge dollars are spent, and more. Your pledge card will be available. Lunch will be served. Childcare will be provided if requested in advance.

Please contact Sherry Tripodi or Kim Smith with questions.

Lighted Chalice Weekly for May 31, 2015

Sunday May 31

  • FORUM, 9 AM information forthcoming.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Worship Leader and Board President-elect Bill Welge presents “What Would Confession Look Like to a UU?” Worship Chairperson, Dianna Poindexter. Worship Associate & Pulpit Preparation, Kris Taylor. Pianist, Sarah May. Sound, Gary Fowler. Fellowship Team Leaders, Gary & Andrea Burniske.

Sunday June 7

  • FORUM, 9 AM Board President-elect Bill Welge presents “Overkill: An avalanche of unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially. What can we do about it?” Bill attended Ball State University and for 25 years held various positions in large power transformer manufacturing, including shop supervision, planning and purchasing. He had a twenty year second career in home improvement and is now retired. Through most of this 45 year period Bill has avidly researched wellness through prevention with a special emphasis on exercise physiology. He has spoken several times on this subject at Sun Spot Natural Market "Food for Thought" program.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM The theme for the month of June is the sixth source of the UU living tradition: spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Today, Worship Leader Daniel Charles Davis presents “Mother Earth”—an exploration of the goddess and the feminine spirit. How was it viewed in ancient times; what do modern pagans believe? Today is our new member recognition service. Joys and Sorrows will be observed as well. Worship Chairperson, Dianna Poindexter. Worship Associate, DRE Nicole Rice. Pulpit Preparation, Nina Kirkpatrick. Pianist, Sarah May. Sound, Mike Marsh. Fellowship Team Leaders, Mark VanMeeter, Joshua & Linda Prokopy.

Child and Youth Religious Exploration

Last week we took a walking field trip to Lisa Pantea’s gardens. We learned about composting and worms, while completing an outdoor scavenger hunt. Thanks to Lisa for the enjoyable time and cookies! Next week, Kat will lead the RE classes in a spirit circle on the PostSecret project.

RE Class Information and Guide Schedule for 5/31

  • Students will begin in service and be picked up from room 101/103.
  • Kat will be the DRE sub and lead the spirit circle.
  • I have the following people listed as guides: Andrew Marquis, Julie Rubsam, and Kim Smith.

RE Class Information and Guide Schedule for 6/7

Students will begin in service and be picked up from room 101/103. The RE classes will also be tie-dying t-shirts at the Happy Hollow picnic. Meet at 1pm at the picnic shelter. Please bring a 100% cotton, plain white t-shirt and any newspapers.

Materials/Supplies Needed

  • scrapbook paper, composition notebooks, newspapers, plain white t-shirts 100% cotton (various sizes for children/youth) needed by June 7th
  • three tiered bookshelf (for the junior high classroom)
  • Legos, modeling clay
  • boxes of Kleenex

We have a RE wish list for books: wishlist/33SNCK94EF17U/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o?

Important Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • Please see the RE bulletin board/table in the fellowship hall and for important RE information and announcements.
  • Check out the RE storytelling quilt. It is hanging in the same room as the UU library.
  • Summer camp and retreat registration is now open. Please contact me if you’d like to attend or grab a packet from the RE volunteer table.
  • Our next FUNdraiser is Wednesday, June 10th at the Wabash Landing movie theater from 4:00-8:00 pm. UU will receive 50% of the proceeds from the concession stand sales.
  • The June birthday celebration is June 28th. Join us in the fellowship hall following service for cake. Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer to bake the cake for this celebration.
  • Interested in becoming a guide, shadow, sub, or volunteer? Have a child in RE and want to find out more about the program? Are you a guide who wants to explore interesting and relevant topics for the RE classroom? If so, one or more of these sessions may be for you. Childcare will be provided!
  • Sunday, June 21st- (9:45-10:15) Children’s literature and encouraging reading- Please bring some of your favorite children’s books to share!

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May 16: UUC Plant and Garden Sale 9am-1pm

Plant sale is still in need of volunteers/friends of the UUC to help make this a successful community event and church fundraiser. We will have affordable perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables.

If you have plants to donate , please bring them to the church playground from Sunday, May 10- Wed., May 13. Leave plants in the playground area and Please label them. If you can volunteer we still need help on Thursday night , 6:30pm -8pm and also Friday, starting at noon- 5Pm.

On Sat, May 16 we need help at the sale, from 7:30 to 2pm, from setup to cleanup. Please come to the sale, invite friends, co-workers, family and help spread the love of gardening and beauty into our community. Volunteer sign up sheet is attached, please contact Lisa Pantea if you can help.

Volunteer sign-up sheet (docx)

May 16: UUC Plant and Garden Sale

The annual UUC Plant Sale/Fundraiser is Sat. May 16, at the UUC from 9AM-1pm. All members and friends are encouraged to participate in whatever way you can. Please come to the sale, invite family and friends, co-workers.

If you have a garden, please consider donating plant starts or seedlings and fill out plant donation form attached.

The sale relies heavily on congregational donations. Please leave plants in the playground area starting Sunday May 10 - Thursday , May 14, when we start sorting and pricing the items. If you are interested and have time to work at the sale or on the days before, please look at the volunteer sign up sheet and find a time that fits your schedule and email


Lighted Chalice Weekly for March 22, 2015

  • Sunday Forum 9 am; Sunday Service and Religious Exploration Classes 10:30 am.
  • Nursery and childcare available.
  • Download or print this newsletter as a pdf. Some additional information is posted here, including the monthly calendar of events at the church.

Sunday March 22

  • FORUM, 9 AM Sally Watlington: presents “The Riggs Community Health Care Center.” Watlington is Board Chair Emerita, Riggs Community Health Center, which serves 900 to 1000 women with prenatal care and 6,000 children, most of whom are on Medicaid. She will be discussing how racial differences affect infant mortality rates in Indiana.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM Rev. Daniel Charles Davis presents “Zarathustra.” Before the rise of Islam, Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion of Persia. It survives today as a religion with few adherents but its concepts live on in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Worship Associate, Kat Braz. Sound, Carl Seese. Pulpit Preparation, Nina Kirkpatrick. Fellowship Team, Andrea and Gary Burniske.

Sunday March 29

  • FORUM, 9 AM The UU Writers’ Group with Chairperson Caroline Barnhart will describe their activities and works. Forum is co-chaired by Jim Anderson, Tom McConville and Bill Welge.
  • SERVICE, 10:30 AM UU Youth will present “Gender Equality from a Young Adult Perspective.” This service will give us an in-depth look through the eyes of youth on today’s gender landscape. The service will be planned and presented by the youth group. Pulpit Preparation, Nina Kirkpatrick. Sound, Gary Fowler. Fellowship Team Leader, Mark VanMeeter.

Child and Youth Religious Exploration Weekly Notes

In March, we will celebrate the third source, wisdom from the world’s religions, which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life. Last week we celebrated the Hindu celebration of Maha Shivaratri and learned some important life lessons on humility from Neelu. Next week we’ll have a spirit circle on water conservation led by Bill Welge.

RE Class Information and Guide Schedule

  • RE Guide Schedule for March 22nd: (Spirit Circle on water conservation led by Bill Welge. Students begin in classrooms or room 101/103 to participate in Spirit Circle at 10:30.)
    • Prek/k: meet in the classroom at 10:30 (Andrew and Lorraine)
    • 1st/2nd: meet in room 101/103 (Lola)
    • 3rd/4th: meet in room 101/103 (Wendy and Yiesul)
    • 5th: meet in room 101/103 (Neil)
    • 6th-8th: meet in room 101/103 (Sarah)
    • 9th-12th: meet in the classroom at 10:30 (Josh and Jason)
    • Shadows: Michele and Mary
  • RE Guide Schedule for March 29th: (Youth led service. All students will begin in service and prek-5th grade will head to class after TFAA.)
    • Prek/k: Alison and Lorraine
    • 1st/2nd: Sherry
    • 3rd/4th: Yiesul and Wendy
    • 5th: Neil
    • 6th-8th: Sarah and Frank
    • 9th-12th: Jason and Julie
    • Shadows: Michele and Lynn

Important Reminders

  • Please see the RE bulletin board in the fellowship hall and for important RE information and announcements.
  • We are in great need of guides, subs, and shadows for the RE program. We only need 9 more volunteers to allow guides to only commit to one Sunday a month. Please find me at the volunteer table following service if you’re interested in volunteering or getting more information.
  • Interested in becoming a guide, shadow, sub, or volunteer? Have a child in RE and want to find out more about the program? Are you a guide who wants to explore interesting and relevant topics for the RE classroom? If so, one or more of these sessions may be for you. Childcare will be provided!
  • Sunday, March 15th- (12:30-1:30 in room 101/103) Nursery volunteer and employee training (Please note that you must be at least eleven years old to volunteer and thirteen years old to work in the nursery.)
  • Sunday, March 22nd- (12:30-1:30 in room 101/103) RE volunteer callout and parent meeting
  • Sunday, April 26th- (9:45-10:15) Responsive classroom as it relates to the RE classroom (strategies for community building, holding classroom meetings, social curriculum)
  • Let me know if you’re interested in OWL training.
  • I am beginning to plan RE programming for the summer. Anyone interested in teaching a workshop or helping out, please let me know.

Upcoming Events

      • March birthday celebration -- March 22nd following service
      • March fundraiser -- March 25th at Buffalo Wild Wings on Creasy

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