Sunday Service: “Susan B. Anthony”

Please join us for "Susan B. Anthony" an In-person service (see guidelines below) or Virtual service via Zoom at Our Order of Service is available at Susan B. Anthony was born a Quaker and later became a Unitarian. She was the most famous public voice of the early women's rights movement, and was arrested for casting a vote in the 1872 presidential election.

With the pandemic continuing, we are making adjustments to church services so that if people wish to attend in limited numbers, up to 60 or fewer, we can accommodate that. Other requirements for attending remain in place; fully vaccinated with boosters if eligible are required, masks are required (properly worn to cover nose and mouth) social distancing of six feet required. We are also adding air filters configured to remove pathogens from the air in the sanctuary. So if you need the companionship of a live service, you should be able to come - the services have been pretty empty. Seating will be marked and each marked place will accommodate either an individual or household group.

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