Sunday Service: “How Do UUs Discern What the Loving Thing to Do Is?”

Please join us for “How Do UUs Discern What the Loving Thing to Do Is?,” an in-person service (see guidelines below) or Virtual service vial Zoom at at a10:30am.  Our Order of Service is available at [Rev. Jennie preaching] Historically, our Universalist predecessors proclaimed that, “God is Love.” They believed that no one is eternally damned to Hell and, therefore, we are all one human family. That belief led them to strive to treat all people with respect and dignity, and to create a more just society, and to be a vehicle for divine grace. What are some ways we could live Universalism here in the Greater Lafayette Area today?

The following Pandemic/Epidemic/Infectious Disease Policy will be in effect, in keeping with changes voted on by the Board at the April 2022 meeting.

No limit on attendance. Masking is highly recommended, but not required, and congregational singing is allowed. Social distancing recommended as possible, but not required. Vaccination is highly recommended, and generally expected of responsible congregants, but will not be checked. If we can find volunteers, there will be a coffee hour after the service in the Fellowship Hall. These policies will change as needed depending on any infectious disease of concern.

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