Interested in becoming a member? Please join us for a membership class. We will cover the history of the Unitarian Universalist Path as well as the history of our congregation. Learn more about our groups and committees and how you can get involved. We will spend time getting to know each other and answer any questions you have. To attend the next membership class or for more information please email

Becoming part of this community requires participation beyond Sunday morning.

  • We want to bring out the best in you as you share your gifts of service with the community volunteering to keep this place going, either in support or leadership roles.
  • You will see us in the community in support of LGBQT, Black Lives Matter, environmental, social justice, free speech, women's, and local issues.
  • We plan our programs on how much our members and friends pledge at the annual stewardship drive. We prefer payments on pledges rather than money placed in the collection plate because pledge payments can be budgeted.
  • The Annual budget is primarily the salaries for the minister, one part time office assistant, and a ¾ time Director of Religious Exploration (DRE). In addition there are the customary utilities, insurance, building and grounds maintenance and program costs. The budget is funded primarily by pledging families and individuals. We also generate revenue by renting space in the church and other fundraising/community building activities.
  • Become a member when you no longer feel like a guest, and you feel like you're at home here, ready to be an owner.
  • Privileges of membership: voting on congregational issues, serving on board, UU World magazine, discounted building rental, free minister services for weddings and funerals.
  • Responsibilities of membership: Attending, Helping, Pledging.

To learn more about our upcoming class schedule, please email  or contact our church office at 765-743-8812.