In addition to becoming a member of our church, and/or donating.  there are many ways you can contribute to the work and our mission.

  • Make a donation to our endowment fund hosted by the Greater Lafayette Community Fund.  Visit their website here, search for  "Unitarian Universalist Church Funds" and choose a fund to which to donate.
  • Host a fundraiser through Facebook.  If you have a Facebook account, visit this website, and follow the instructions to invite your friends to donate to UUCTC on your behalf.  Donations go 100% to UUCTC.  Fundraisers can be hosted to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just because you value this beloved community.
  • Make purchases through our UUCTC-linked Smile's program.  With this program, Amazon you to select a charity to benefit from your Amazon purchases. You can select our church. To use Amazon Smile: In your browser, sign in to To set up your default charity, select "Your Account" from the top of the pate and click "Change Your Charity." Search for Unitarian Universalist Church, Tippecanoe County" and select it. You only need to do this once. Any future Amazon Smile purchases will result in the church receiving 0.5% of the sale, at no cost to you.
  • Payless logoRegister your Kroger Plus Card with the Kroger Community Rewards Program. A percentage of your purchases will be distributed to UUCTC along with other non-profit organizations in the community. Congregants sign up their Payless Loyalty Cards. Instructions are here. If you have difficulty signing up, email Kristen Reynolds, and she will make arrangements to meet after a church service and help you sign up.
  • Volunteer your time and help to our Religious Education program or one of our many committees. Contact the relevant chair to find ways to help.
  • Arrange to help park cars at the church during Purdue sporting events.  Contact Barny Dunning for details.

Thank you for all the ways that you contribute to our church!