In response to the questions on the types of events that constitute a “church event” and what falls outside it, the following classification serves as a guideline.  Where any doubts exist, the President-Elect who is in charge of building events will make the final determination.

Criteria for an all-church event (unpaid):

  • Events that collect revenue where proceeds (minus expenses) are donated to the church as a fundraiser. These events are vetted at Program Council meetings.
  • Events that have no money changing hands made up of mostly church members, such as chalice circles or interest groups gatherings.
  • Events that were purchased at the service auction.
  • Ministries such as memorial service for family of congregants.
  • Programs sponsored by the adult RE.
  • Gatherings sponsored by the Board of Trustees, committees, working groups and staff.
  • All church events will have information disseminated to congregants according to the policies set by the communication committee.
  • An all church event does not have to pay facility use fees.

Criteria for an outside event (paid):

  • Events organized by an individual signed member or non-member that are not sponsored by an entity within the church.
  • Events for the benefit of individual such as weddings, parties, social events, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.
  • Events that raise funds for organizations outside the UU Church, unless the UU Church is part of the initiative and donates the proceeds to a charitable cause, such as raising funds for the homeless with other ministries.
  • An outside event must pay the facility use fees at the going rate and follow the building use policy.

The organizer(s) of any event, all church, or outside the church, must ensure that the room being used is returned to its original state and kept clean.

Presented to the Board 11/ 22/17.

Approved by the Board, 12/12/17.